Welcome to Indigo

Making daily work easier is the mantra of Indigo's payroll and attendance management systems. That is why we have launched this open API database: to help you lighten your day-to-day workload by integrating your own business systems with Indigo.



The Indigo API portal is a multi-language database offering ways to integrate Indigo’s award-winning payroll and attendance management systems with other business software and systems.

You can automate your business processes with our APIs and build creative interactions between Indigo Payroll and Time & Attendance with your other business systems.

Indigo is a data-driven application designed to reduce administration headaches. Our RESTful API lets you retrieve the employee and company data from Indigo so you can modify, move, or delete them with other applications.

The APIs

Employee Profiles

No need to re-enter your entire workforce’s personal, employment, contact, or payment details in each of your organisation’s systems. Retrieve your comprehensive employee profiles from Indigo with the Employee API and place that data in the other apps and software your company uses.


Use the payroll-related APIs from Indigo to retrieve payroll information, including payroll run dates, the number of employees involved in the run, the number of social security contributions in the payroll, and more. Indigo also provides APIs needed to retrieve employee overtime entries for related payrolls.

Leave Data

The built-in employee portal in Indigo allows employees to manage their own leave requests. Indigo provides the necessary APIs needed to retrieve such requests (and request types) which can be used by a variety of third-party applications to populate team planner or communication apps, for example.